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8 Reasons To Look Forwared to Batman Arkham City

I am not a massive comic guy, I won’t lie. However when I find a great character in any story I can become fully entranced for months on end with everything to do with that character. Batman has always been that one character for me.

The whole being a vulnerable human, not invincible, without powers etc… Heard it all before right? Well it’s not surprising that I would rattle off the same stuff because lets face it, it’s tried and true.

Batman Arkham Asylum was by far my game of the year in 2009. It hands down captured everything I wanted and finally presented Batman in a game in a way that more than did him justice. Now I can’t wait to see if Arkham City will continue this success and if it can surpass it.

Here are some reasons why Batman Arkham City is looking the goods.

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Ubisofts I Am Alive…. Still Alive! Gets a 15+ Rating

I could see my house from here...

I am definatly a big fan of games that have the potential to either flop or go large and Ubisofts “I am Alive” has the potential (Flop though may have been a strong word to use.)

I Am Alive’s concept is interesting and the potential for a different kind of Survival game is pretty exciting – no I do not count Bear Grylls recent “Man Vs Wild” game as competent.

It has been slated as a Q2 2010 release and then a Q2 2011 release but with the lack of details and the fear of the game dying in its own rubble of a Earthquake destroyed Chicago this gamer would say a definate early to mid 2012 release seems likely.

But hey with a 15+ rating at least we know that there should be blood in the game right?

Welcome and… Uhh Hi…

Hey there gamers and gamettes The Anonymous Gamer here…

Dont mind the pistol, its only for show...

Well this is it… this is my intro post and I will apologise now because I have nothing prepared and well I wont kid myself I don’t think anybody will be reading this anyway.

Hopefully I will be able to get this all up and active by the weekend and by the time any readers jump on board there will be plenty of archived articles.

I wont sit here and say that The Anonymous Gamer will have breaking news and instant game reviews, but I will promise to provide entertainment and a source of good opinion.

Also me and my fellow writers (yet to sign on) welcome all comments and discussion on any topics.

Keep your eyes on the spot, I promise there will be plenty of passion and anger thrown around for all to agree upon and or yell at us about.