8 Reasons To Look Forwared to Batman Arkham City

I am not a massive comic guy, I won’t lie. However when I find a great character in any story I can become fully entranced for months on end with everything to do with that character. Batman has always been that one character for me.

The whole being a vulnerable human, not invincible, without powers etc… Heard it all before right? Well it’s not surprising that I would rattle off the same stuff because lets face it, it’s tried and true.

Batman Arkham Asylum was by far my game of the year in 2009. It hands down captured everything I wanted and finally presented Batman in a game in a way that more than did him justice. Now I can’t wait to see if Arkham City will continue this success and if it can surpass it.

Here are some reasons why Batman Arkham City is looking the goods.

Open World Batman!!!

I know it’s probably easy to shout out “GTA Batman” like so many people do with any new sandbox environment but in some ways moving from the narrow corridors of Arkham Asylum and into the ranging skyline of Arkham City is on par with going from 2D to 3D in the GTA series. That is in terms of its meaning and progression of a Batman video game and well Superhero games in general.

My excitement was surpassed even further when I saw the stage demo at E3 and had immediate flashbacks of “Spiderman 2” on the PS2. Although with Batman and I am assuming less repetitive side mission.

Being Batman… Again.

Batman....... BOSS!

Behind all of the beautiful art direction and stellar storytelling of Arkham Asylum it was the fact that at all times you felt like Batman that really made it for me.

Room full of goons with guns? pfft You’re Batman!

Two genetically mutated inmates twice your size? YOU’RE BATMAN. NO FEAR.

At all times Batman was on the screen he was calm and well so too were you. It was the epitome of cool as I recall just finishing off the first section and making my way over to the Mansion and even though Bats himself didn’t have a swagger so to speak, I knew I had my swagger going behind the controller.


Hi there kitty kitty

At first I was like naaaah… then I was like nah… now I can see why it’s a clever idea and opens things up a little.

From a story perspective Catwoman being a playable character represents what makes Batman so good overall. It’s also about Gotham City itself and the villains that inhabit it just as much as it is about Batman himself. It will also allow the story to not just become a bunch of information fed into Batman’s earpiece after each set piece is finished.

Loads And Loads Of Easter Eggs.

Did somebody say Chris O'Donnell? I Hope not.

Arkham Asylum gave and gave and gave fan service to a monumental level. Arkham City shouldn’t disappoint (see picture above) – and judging by Rocksteady’s E3 sneaky advertising ploy of planting Interview tapes into games journalists pockets the tapes will be back and very welcome back as well.

The only question is the Character bios making their comeback (as seen in the game play demo at E3) – will they have new info? I assume they would but what?

Expansive Storyline

Paul Dini is back for Arkham City and this in itself insures a certain level of quality right off the bat (pun possibly intended) but going back to the first point in this article the fact that Arkham City is an open world game opens the story telling up even further than Asylum could have imagined.

Branching side quests that involve some of the “lesser” villains Gotham has to offer both add to the general game play time and variance and it gives us more of an idea of what a grandiose task is in front of our dearly beloved Dark Knight.  If Arkham Asylum was the longest night of Bats life I shudder to think what Arkham City will be for him, I guess that’s why I would make a really crappy superhero.

The Return Of The Prine

Between the E3 Demo and this Catwoman seems a little out of her depth in Arkham City.

When first announced that this game followed directly after the end of the first a lot of questions were raised about the Joker’s role in the story. The Clown Prince of Gotham is featured in the game and when the streets of Gotham are turning into Bedlam well you know the Joker in whatever health he is in will be in the mix.

I have confidence in Rocksteady and I think they would have taken the criticism of the final fight between Batman and Joker seriously. So I expect the Joker to be back and bigger then ever in Arkham City.

Riddlers Bigger Role

The Riddler challenges and trophies were great in Arkham Asylum however being a big fan of the Riddler I thought it was selling him short and making him seem like a bit of a silly dweeb.

This time he has kidnapped people and set them up in death traps all aroundy Arkham City and is daring Batman to try to solve his Riddles or blood will be spilt. Sounds like Jigsaw from the Saw movies right? With more at stake this time the Riddler challenges will feel more like something you should complete and less of something you may end up cleaning up after the main story is finished.

Seeing How It Will All Unfold

Things are about to get a little Strange up in here.

Arkham City has more than its fair share of things going for it at the moment. A solid base to work off of, a confident and talented developer who care about what they are doing and a mastermind of the content penning the story. So to be salivating at the thought of how they will bring this one to land is understandable.

Batman and the villains in Gotham are all tied together in one way or another by psychology and well Strange is an insane psychologist who knows Batman’s secret identity and longs to take the identity himself. Kinda opens up many different story angles and ways to handle all of the villains within the walls of Arkham City.

Personally I am glad that it’s somebody like Hugo Strange pulling the strings. He is a criminally unknown villain to the lay person but any Bat fan knows exactly who he is and exactly what he can bring to the table.

P.S did I mention that he knows who Batman is 😉

  1. August 23rd, 2011

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