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Part 2 of our fantasy game, our hope, our dream. We’re giving you an offer (gaming industry) you shouldn’t refuse – gameswewant



As a new player you will start at a position lower than associate, lets call this a street guy for lack of a better term. As a street guy you will want to endear yourself to a local associate or solider through whatever means at your disposal. Ultimately this will involve making money and paying a tribute to the local Capo or more likely being befriended by an associate (possibly someone you know who is already playing the game).  Making money as a street guy is a grind, you will need to steal cars, rob banks and businesses, hijack trucks filled with goods or any other manner of low-level activities, however for every action you take part in your skill level will be increased thus making you a specialist in certain fields.

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NSW Attorney General Greg Smith held true today on his stance to abstain from voting on the R18+ classification. Though NSW has now stated that it will decide on the matter “ASAP” and that their ultimate decision “would not take long”.

All other states have agreed in principal to the R18+ Adult classification for video games.

Mind you this has been on the SCAG’s Agenda since 2002, so by all means take your time.

NBA 2K12 Covers revealed

2K Sports gave Basketball fans a seizure of excitement last year when they announced all the Michael Jordan specific content. The game quickly became the number 1 basketball game and a real contender for the title of “best sports game ever”.

Quickly after its release questions started as to what would the next game contain, who would be on the cover? HOW THE HELL DO YOU TOP MICHAEL JORDAN…

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DUDE WHERE’S MY R? Why Are We Debating The Dreaded R Rating?

In the continuing stalemated debate on the Australian R rating for videogames I can’t help but wonder what the major concerns and issues that are being looked at actually are. With NSW Attorney General Greg Smith abstaining from voting on the R18+ for games we are now again stuck with no answer. Are the right topics even being discussed? Do the politicians even know what they are debating and looking into?

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Flash Delirium episode 8 part (i)

In this episode Flash ponders whether to hang his gloves and boots up, but you never know when or how oppotunity will come knocking… no matter how irresponsible or dangerous it may be… 

Flash Delirium episode 8 part (i)

“I’m…. A mentor…”

After week upon week upon week of failure by Flash to fully lockdown a fulltime sidekick gig, Flash was at his wits ends. It was as though some mind blowing revelation on what to do with himself was on the tip of his tongue but he just couldn’t quite formulate it into a sentence to jump of the tip of his tongue and into the world.

Surrounded by other failing sidekicks he looked at his hands, he looked at his tights. For a brief moment the thought of quitting crossed his mind. As the time dragged on in the waiting room he felt as though his rubber covered hands were being forced into submission. Maybe the Superhero sidekick vocation was not to be his destiny after all.

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We here at TheAnonymousGamer love videogames so much that we often feel we are “unappreciated scholars” who not only hold the right to judge games for how they play and the ideas surrounding them but also to come up with our own videogames. We have a tonne of ideas and will be presenting them to you in a series of “Games We Want” pieces, the first of which being a Mafia MMORPG.

– theanonymousgamer.


Has there really ever been a Mafia themed game that captures what its like to work, day to day in a crime family? Sure there was Mafia 1 and 2 and they presented an open world environment with a narrative depicting mob life but it never really touched on the day to day operations nor the ultimate ambition of any mobster, to climb the ladder and one day run the family. There was also the real time strategy PC release called Gangsters which somewhat detailed the day to day running of a Cosa Nostra Family but still, it wasn’t authentic in its delivery or tone.

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Portal – Your With It Or Against It…

It is interesting that a series that is so highly regarded and so highly acclaimed (Portal has a Metacritic average of 90 and Portal 2 – 95) can have such a stigma against it. A lot of people who loved Portal from its release and then enjoyed every second of Portal 2 may not totally know what this stigma is unless they have encountered somebody exhibiting “Portal Prejudice”.

The way I see it your either for Portal or your against Portal, however seeing I have been in both parties (currently the former) I feel I can safely say that those in the team debating against Portal quite simply don’t know what they are missing out on.

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