IF ONLY… Gaming Genre mix and match gone mad

If only. Those must be the two saddest words in the world. “

 Quote:  Mercedes Lackey.

I agree Mrs. Mercedes Lackey, particularly in the world of video gaming where a lot of our wants, hopes and dreams are often a lot bigger then the developer’s budgets or technological means. But what if budget and technology wasn’t an issue? It is just a hypothetical thought but it is these thoughts that plays on our minds all the time as our wonderful little medium of gaming advances forward. However lets sit back as gamers and imagine, what if.

Dexter + Heavy Rain + Sandbox – Peter Molynuex =

But I promise the tree will grow in The Journey

A game that merges a psychological thriller storyline say along the lines of “Heavy Rain” and the open world of a Grand Theft Auto. A psychological thriller in an open world opens up a lot of possibilities for natural progression of the world and the main character. Think open world like “Deadly Premonition”, a small town where everybody essentially knows each other.

Imagine you play as a murderer and while dumping a body your wife calls and asks you to pick up the milk, if you don’t then she gets annoyed about this, No biggie right? But this style of careless game play may shape the way you play the rest of the game and if you don’t balance the gameplay out then the consequences of these kind of small decisions will play out later in a natural way.

Kill a bum in the streets for a laugh? That’s going to close the world in around you even more as the police close in on you and your extra curricular activities.

GTAIV + The Sims + Simoleon Language = 

In Soviet Simolea you are in couches way!

Imagine Grand Theft Auto IV and the Sims kind of met somewhere in the middle creating a Family simulator where you can go off on an epic crime spree and still come home and be annoyed that the lounges are too close together.

This way the money you earn in your crime sprees can be used to build your dream home and fill it with all the gadgets and tech you could ever imagine. Then you lose your family, your home and all your possessions that you spent all your illegally earnt money on.

It could also immerse you into a Grand Theft Auto story more then any other story. One minute you’re reminiscing about the massive car chase you were just in and the next you need to fix your toilet because it has a clog.

NBA2k11 + My Player Mode + World Of Warcraft – Fantasy =

It was supposed to be easy!!!

Quite possibly the most time absorbing piece of video gaming that I know I would come in contact with. There is every possibility that developer 2K has thought of this one too with the online competitions that you can play in but for the sake of “if only” imagine a massive online leagues where your player (you) has to make it into the NBA and can become a star in the league amongst all the other players online for your games.

Fantasy leagues gone wild right? A lot more interactive and rewarding also. If not just for bragging rights if your player should become the best in the NBA. Real seasons ran with real teams that are really run by real people. Of course this huge online sporting endeavor could be done using all different sports, Football, Soccer, Darts and even a bit of Curling.

Logistically this is a mess but  hey remember this is just an “if only”.

Mafia II + APB + Serious storyline =

Like I am here for your amusement.

Imagine for a second, all the bravado of the Mafia 2 characters and storyline but the online game play of APB.

I think the best example of how this game would be so great is to look at the out of game (real world some would call it) consequences. For example, say you and your brother play the game together as two separate characters and your brother does something stupid in game and a hit is put out against him. And just like the real world Mafia, you are asked to pull the trigger.

So you invite your brother online to help you with a heist later that night and when he least expects it you shot him and dump his body. Now imagine the phone call that would follow as you try and explain to your brother why he needs to start again from the bottom rung of the Family while you are on your way to becoming a made man.

This would take a huge effort on the part of the developers to keep it fresh and to keep it going but if done correctly it would be the ultimate role player experience.

LA Noir + Leslie Nielsen = 

I'm sorry. I can't hear you! Don't fire the gun while you're talking!

Perhaps the most ambitious and ridiculous “if only” on the list (some would say) but if the gaming industry wants to tackle the production quality of film and be taken seriously as a medium, then why not go down the other end of the spectrum and throw in a bit of …Shtick.

Imagine arriving at the scene of a crime in your vehicle with a Frank Drebin-esque voiceover narrating the proceedings.

For example:

Lt. Frank Drebin: Like a midget at a urinal, I was going to have to stay on my toes. “

And as you pull up your car hits painters scaffolding and oblivious to your character the painters go tumbling from stories above. Or how about the cut scenes being filled with the wonderfully timed misunderstandings.

Jane Spencer: Yeah, you know, a white guy. A moustache. About six-foot-three.

Lt. Frank Drebin: Awfully big mustache.

And if it wasn’t ludicrous enough already did I mention that you would have to use the “Team Bondi’s” new Motion Scan Technology?

Well that’s that, that’s my little trip down “if only” lane for today, mind you could think up 500 more game ideas and additions if I wanted and I know all of you could also.

So, what have you got? Let us know your “if only” ideas.

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