Flash Delirium episode 8 part (i)

In this episode Flash ponders whether to hang his gloves and boots up, but you never know when or how oppotunity will come knocking… no matter how irresponsible or dangerous it may be… 

Flash Delirium episode 8 part (i)

“I’m…. A mentor…”

After week upon week upon week of failure by Flash to fully lockdown a fulltime sidekick gig, Flash was at his wits ends. It was as though some mind blowing revelation on what to do with himself was on the tip of his tongue but he just couldn’t quite formulate it into a sentence to jump of the tip of his tongue and into the world.

Surrounded by other failing sidekicks he looked at his hands, he looked at his tights. For a brief moment the thought of quitting crossed his mind. As the time dragged on in the waiting room he felt as though his rubber covered hands were being forced into submission. Maybe the Superhero sidekick vocation was not to be his destiny after all.


A skinny, dull in Flash’s mind, kid came bounding out of the main office wearing his grey satin cape and a green mask covering only his eyes.

“As of right now I am officially The Shadows sidekick!!!”

The Shadow of course was the villain Flash had been fooled by previously. He had everybody at the Agency fooled but Flash knew his secret, luckily for Flash though The Shadow didn’t know that he knew.

The kid walked past Flash almost in extended slow motion giving fist pumps, biting his bottom lip and nodding. Flash poised his lips to warn the young boy about Shadow but stopped, and though to himself.

“No, keep it secret until you have a plan”

It was at this point he knew he couldn’t quit just yet, he needed a hero to finish formulating a plan to bring down Shadow. If only Batman would return his emails.

“I am sorry but your application, has been

deemed unacceptable at this time.”

Flash knew that shrill nasally, he heard the same thing said to him on his first visit here. Just another newbie having their spirit crushed. This poor innocent little runt that could, being denied his chance to help. His chance to dream and believe.

“If only I were already a super, then I could have my own side……. Could I? Would I?”

Before he had a chance to complete the very campy line of questioning in his own head the runt was already out the door. He knew that this was his chance to start something of his own, something GREAT! Flash rose from his seat and headed for the door. Seconds after the door stopped spinning the receptionist stood up.

“Flash Delirium, Batman would like to speak to you…. Flash Delirium?”

An overweight short man in tights that did not fit quite simply pointed towards the door where Flash had dashed. The receptionist took her seat, totally uncaring.

The runt continued his solemn walk up the road kicking the rocks below his feet, sobbing more and more with each step. On the opposite side of the road, and unbeknownst to the runtish boy, Flash was streaking up the road to get ahead of him.

He needed to find a spot.

He needed to make that first impression. Start with a Flash was his motto, or at least what he had thought up while running. He was proud of himself for that one, and then all at once he came to a screeching holt.

There is was, perfect… The runt was still a ways down the street so he had plenty of time to set up, but first he stared in wonderment.

It was like all the cannon of all the comic books he ever read had come true, the perfect spot for a hero reveal.

The dark and damp alley way seemed to stretch on forever, as though it got lost in a black hole and turned into nothingness. The place to perch was railing attached to a small stairway that led up to a back door entrance to the building, nothing too high, about 2 steps. The tall buildings acting like a valley swept the wind through perfect for cape blowing and then there was the piece d resistance. A flickering light that seemed to be dancing with the wind as Flash stared at it. The only way it could have been more perfect is if it were raining.

He stood salivating at just how perfect it was, he turned to his left and there was the runt staring with him.

“Shit! Don’t look, don’t look…”

Flash exclaimed at his surprise, he ruined it?

“Did you see my face?”

“No I didn’t…”

“Good can you do me a favor and take a few steps back, and wait until I say go.”

The runt takes a few steps back cautiously, while Flash heads into his perfect little alley way.

“Alright you can come and see now.”

The runt strolls back around the corner and sees Flash in all his glory perched on the rail, light flickering on and off illuminating his eyes for that perfect amount of time. The wind being channeled between the two massive buildings blowing his cape at the right height and even creating that flapping sound. Flash was proud of himself, he could see the Runt believing. It was pitch perfect.

Flash poised his lips to say those final heroic words.


Those forever heroic and powerful words of a Superhero began to come out but as they did, the door behind him began to open. The runt’s eyes turned to focus on what was happening with the door. A fat man in a chefs apron stepped out and flung a bucket of slop and dirty water in to the air.

“…SH DEL…”


 The man closed the door and turned the light off, leaving our would be hero in the dark with a wet heavy cape.


 To be continued…

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