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As a new player you will start at a position lower than associate, lets call this a street guy for lack of a better term. As a street guy you will want to endear yourself to a local associate or solider through whatever means at your disposal. Ultimately this will involve making money and paying a tribute to the local Capo or more likely being befriended by an associate (possibly someone you know who is already playing the game).  Making money as a street guy is a grind, you will need to steal cars, rob banks and businesses, hijack trucks filled with goods or any other manner of low-level activities, however for every action you take part in your skill level will be increased thus making you a specialist in certain fields.

After a certain amount of time of paying tribute and “keeping your nose clean” (not causing problems or bringing unwanted attention to yourself), this Capo/ associate may wish to “vouch for you”. Remember, this game enforces rules and codes to prevent and deter new players from running a muck and thus made men are ONLY interested in vouching for players who play by the rules. Members will not (for their own good) want to vouch for some nut case serial killer who doesn’t play by the rules, lest they will be blamed for their actions and pay the price. Being vouched for elevates your status from street guy to associate.

Its in the best interest of the new player to play by the rules (“keeping your nose clean”) if they are going to progress to the level of an associate. Being an associate opens up many more money making possibilities as you will now be able to hang out/ visit the crews “social club” thus exposing you to a whole new range of possibilities. Depending on your pre chosen strengths and weaknesses you will be allowed to take part in a wide range of activities, some of which will be new. If for instance you’re a tough guy you may be asked to carry out money collection or assaults, if your skilled in theft you may be asked to rob banks or freight or should you be skilled in mathematical intelligence you could be able to start a bookie operation. It all depends on the skills you chose at the outset of the game.

Later on we will detail the various rackets and crimes


As previously touched upon, during the character creation stage of the game players will need to decide on a birthplace, a neighborhood they “grew up in” so as to determine what family they will ultimately work for. Each district has specific rackets only available to that district, but although families have a definitive borough they operate from they all operate across all the five boroughs. Lets examine the five families and the five boroughs they operate from and maintain influence in.


The Genovese crime family — operates mainly in Manhattan (HQ), The Bronx, New Jersey and Brooklyn. But the family also maintains influence in Queens and Staten Island.

  • 116th Street Crew — (operates in Upper Manhattan and the Bronx)
  • Greenwich Village Crew — (operates in Greenwich Village in Lower Manhattan)
  • Genovese crime family New Jersey faction — (operates all over New Jersey)

The Gambino crime family — operates mainly in Brooklyn (HQ), Queens, Manhattan and New Jersey. But also maintains influence in The Bronx, and Staten Island.

  • The Ozone Park Boys — (operates in Queens)
  • DeMeo Crew — (operates in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan)

The Lucchese crime family — operates mainly in The Bronx (HQ), Manhattan, Brooklyn, and New Jersey. But also maintains influence in Queens.

  • Cutaia Crew — (operates in Brooklyn, and Queens)
  • The Jersey Crew — (operates all over New Jersey)
  • The Tanglewood Boys — (a recruitment gang operating in The Bronx and Manhattan.)

The Bonanno crime family — operates mainly in Brooklyn (HQ), Queens, Staten Island. But also maintains influence in Manhattan, The Bronx and New Jersey.

  • The Motion Lounge crew — (operates in Brooklyn)

The Colombo crime family — operates mainly in Brooklyn (HQ), Queens and Long Island. But also maintains influence in Staten Island, Manhattan, The Bronx and New Jersey.

  • Garfield Boys — (operates in the South Brooklyn area)

The DeCavalcante crime family — operates mainly in New Jersey (HQ), Manhattan and Brooklyn.


All the respect, honor and codes of conduct are just a facade, lets be honest, the whole point of the mafia is to make money, and lots of it. Your aim in the game is the same and there are many various ways in which to make lots of green, some legal but most illegal. Also, there is plenty to spend your wealth on, from cloths, cars and weapons to businesses, homes and cops.

Some activities are out of bounds for associates and street guys and are exclusively lucrative rackets for made men. Such as labor unions, construction rackets, real estate deals and local election rigging. These are very lucrative moneymakers and are ruthlessly guarded by the men who profit off them. However there are so many ways to make money on your rise to the top you’ll hardly notice these white-collar money-spinners (until you lose one hahaha).  As an associate or street guy you can steal and fence (sell) anything from cars, cloths, electricals or cigarettes, all of which are very lucrative trades. You can also rob banks, stores, homes and hijack trucks filled with products. Being outside of the code of conduct heaped on made members, players can also sell a variety of drugs making them a nice purse along the way (however, drug sales come with elevated risks).

Within the city, at any given time there are scripted events taking pace that players can utalise to make money. Deliveries are being made, shops are opened for business, drug and gambling dens are operating and all of these “businesses” are potential targets for the player to turn a profit. Some of these scripted event are special scripts or “tip offs” with a nice little profit if its pulled off right.


Imagine your friend (in real life) sends you a txt message while your slaving away at work telling you that tonight he will be online and is looking to get the crew together to hit a freight truck he has learnt is transporting a large quantity of cigarettes from new jersey to Brooklyn. This could be very good for your character, a potential to not only show you have some talent but also to make some money you can put towards that night club you want to open. This information he has been given to your friend via his Capo who learnt it from the daily tips the server has sent via his NPC associate (NPC Associates are individuals made men hear from that pass on tips, they can not be members and are totally random scripted events). These tips are generated via the games development team and passed onto made men who can then delegate the job to anyone he sees fit. This may be a solider in his crew or some wanna be mobster looking for a chance to show his got the right stuff. The point is, these special scripts are only ever passed onto the Capos or made members (one of the perks to being a member) and are unknown to associates or street guys. This type of script helps push the narrative as well as offer special events players can take advantage of outside of the regular scripted events.

But what do you really do with the money besides cars, cloths and homes?

How about open a brothel or strip club? Or a bar or nightclub? Maybe you’re more a restaurant type? How about a little grocery store or bakery? Even a mechanics, which can be really beneficial as you can turn it into a chop shop. The point is its really up to you, but the benefit to owning a legitimate business (besides some of them coming with bonuses like the mechanics) is that they can help shield your “other activities” while also making you a legitimate stream of cash. Anything that creates you profit is good, remember every month you have to pay tribute to your boss.

Apart from spending your money on nice fancy things, sometimes its a good idea to have some extra coin saved should you need to grease the wheel a little. You know, help the authorities look the other way should you be caught doing something a little less savoury. Cops, judges, lawyers, witnesses and jury members can all be bought off, but its important to realise some of these NPC (non playable characters) require allot of money to turn a blind eye.


As touched on above there are daily events taking place 24/7 through out the city, events players can routinely utalise to make money. These events take place mainly on a street level such as businesses and items players can rob. On higher levels (concerning made members) these daily events may include new customers to your loan sharking book, labor disputes, insurance scams, diamond fencing or extortion rackets. However there are also daily (not every day but regular) special event that are generated by the development team and are passed onto made members under the guise of NPC Associates. These “tip offs” as they are called, are sent via text message to made member players giving them a heads up on a host of events (if a player dosnt wish to supply a mobile phone number these tips can be accessed by the online message system).

Example 1:

The player may get a text message from Stan Grossman, an associate who works for the local NYPD office. He is warning you of an impending warrant to search one of your “legal” businesses for illegal activity. This tip has effectively given your character a nice heads up allowing you to decide what you wish to do. You could choose to empty the business of contraband, shut up shop or even try to bribe the detectives.

Example 2:

The player gets a text message from Lori Chapel, an associate who works for Steinman Jewelry Store. She informs you of a large diamond shipment coming in to the shop at a particular time along with further information regarding where in the store they will be and the safes code. A chance to make a nice little pay packet just in time for the monthly tribute.

Example 3:

The player gets a text message from Martin Smyth, an associate who works as a clerk at the local FBI offices. He informs you that one of your guys has been talking to the lead field agent and they are building a case against your crew. Wow, what a nice little piece of information. How do you deal with this?

That’s the point, what you do with these tips is totally up to you, but all of these tip offs can change the course of your narrative for the better of worse.

However, some of these tips need to be earned especially example 1 and 3. How these are earned will be explained later


The only characters inhabiting the world that are not controlled by a human sitting at a PC are the cities authorities and civilians (some of these civilians will be gang members selling drugs and partaking in gangster like activities). Police, FBI, judges, lawyers and civilians are all scripted entities, however all of them are individuals and can be interacted with.


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