My Top 5 games of the upcoming Gaming year

With the imminent release of Deus Ex Human Revolution games are all sitting back and waiting for at least 5 games before the end of 2011 that of course would extend to at least 10-20 games before the next Summer/Winter Slump in 2012. I know for a fact that I will be getting every major gaming release and a few here and there in between before the next slump kicks in but for now here are the top 5 games that I will 100% be picking up on release day.

5. NBA 2K12

Finally we get the chance to play as David Stern and sort out real salary cap issues… – on a real note though playing as Michael Jordan in NBA 2k11 was wet dream enducing for a lot of sports fans. Reliving those great moments in his career were both sublime and frustrating gaming all in one package. This year being able to play as various different NBA Greats in their own great moments is going to be all the sublime without the frustration (you wont need to worry about getting certain stats – you know like when Dennis Rodman gets that last rebound with 5 seconds to play and you fail that Jordan Challenge).

Also cant wait to see what 2K sports are doing with the presentation side of it and the addition of making the Challenge modes almost like mini documentaries for the Greats you will be playing with just screams class. Obviously this is a debate of NBA or FIFA for best sports game so I can imagine this entry being interchangable for most depending on their sports persuasions but it goes without saying that 2K do fan service really really well.

4. Uncharted 3

Nobody does action and adventure like Naughty Dog and the Uncharted series and to think they started off frustrating the hell out of us all with Crash Bandicoot. After Uncharted 2 blew us all away and ran away with several Game Of The Year awards there was no doubt that this game was always going to have to live up to some fairly lofty heights and if Nathan Drake hanging for his life high up in a cargo plane didnt reach those heights enough in the latest Gamescom demo then I dont know what would.

The only reason it is so high on this list is of mine is because I currently am still without a PS3.

3. Assassins Creed: Revelations

A game that has always always called to me, I think I have a lot of nostalgic memories for this series based on what has been going on in my life around the time they have been released, however I have an avid interest in history and suffice to say that barring some obvious creative liscene the history does have some weight behind it. And rebuilding my town in Part II and then All of Rome in “Brotherhood” was just amazing to me.

Do I expect much difference between this and the last 2 Assassins Creed titles? Not really (besides Multiplayer which is looking much better than Brotherhoods experiments) but I will look foward to whatever future nostalgia it will probably bring (released right around the time of my wedding day so like I said always something great to tie it in with)

2(b) Bioshock Infinite

Alright I am kind of cheating here but I think we can all agree that it is going to be a big gaming year and its actually quite suprising that there isnt more of this kind of top 5 cheating. Bioshock Inifinite though seems to be worthy of this compromise to the numbered chains I put myself in with a Top 5. The 20 minute demo from E3 has to be the most insane piece of gaming action I have ever witnessed, I couldnt distinguish what was scripted and what was a pure instant experience of gaming.  Bioshocks 1 and 2 were something special no doubt about it, the atmosphere and claustrophobic nature of being underwater and trapped played close to my own personal fears but Inifinite is taking the series to all new heights (pun was probably intented). 

Its hard to not have it at number 2 on its own and actually not number one, but the fact that it has been delayed has meant that I had to calm myself a little bit and have some patience.

2(a). Batman: Arkham City

Unashamedly I am a huge Batman fan (see my article from a few months back to confirm) – I am also a massive gamer, so the marraige of the two in 2009’s Batman Arkham Asylum was a dream come true for sure. To see where Rocksteady have taken Arkham City too is more than a dream come true but its a fantasy land of dream driven rollercoaster rides and puppies and fireworks, you get the drift that I am excited for this one.

check out this link where I list 8 reason that this game has made it to number 2(a) on my Top 5.

1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I will always remember my first piece of gametime with my Xbox 360 – sitting through the lengthy character creation process in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and then working my way through the tunnels under the jailcell I was just in. But when it really sunk in and more so than ever before was when you exit the tunnels and your confronted with this beautiful world of blue skies and green hills and it hit me;

“I can go wherever I want!!!”

I actually died almost immediatly approaching some people I thought might be friendly at some ruins just across the lake, I approached to have a chat and got several arrows for my positive nature. What followed was at least 100hrs of gameplay and about 80% of it as a Vampire who had to avoid the day time and feed on people to survive. My brother was blown away by that because during his gameplay he hadnt even confronted a Vampire and was the head of the Thieves Guild. He couldnt believe it was the same game.

So it is no surprise to me that I cannot wait for this game and with producer Todd Howard claiming it is easily over 300 hrs of gameplay and that the Dark Order are in the game its easily beaten my Batman Geekism (even though I usually hate trolls, goblins etc…) Then you have Dragons and the new engine Bathesda are using and its almost the only game I need.

With all that being said guess when it is released? ON MY WEDDING DAY!!! you wouldnt believe it right – Well the wife has to sleep at some point on the honeymoon so I guess I will be sneaking my 360 into my luggage.


Honourable mention should go out to games like: RAGE, Catherine, Gears of War 3, Modern Warfare 3, Mass Effect 3 (broke my heart not to give this game a spot… maybe it could be 3(b)?), Deus Ex Human Revolution, Dead Island, Saints Row The Third, Prey 2, Disney Universe (wouldnt of made the list but as a Disney Geek it was always getting an honourable mention) and a whole list of other games whose release date remains unknown.

So I am interested to know what made your list?

Comment below…


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