The Summer/Winter Slump is over… LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!

And let them begin with a genetically augmented bang with Deus Ex Human Revolution.

Some would say that Deus Ex Human Revolution is the official launch of the big titles for the upcoming gaming year (some would argue depending on what games they want) but as far as Triple A Titles are concerned after this Thursday it certainly is going to be a crazy downhill ride so try and grab what ever titles you can afford.

Deus Ex currently has an 88 on MetaCritic at the moment so its looking pretty good and I cant wait to pick up my copy. Following that wow I might be gone for a long long time just trying to make sure I get a chance to play the massive titles coming out from here on in. Batman Arkham City, Skyrim, Rage, Assassins Creed Revelations, NBA 2k12, Uncharted… its enough to make you have a excitment born case of hyperventalation.

So who is picking this one up and how are you going to approach it!? I always have to go with Stealth + mostly non leathal but thats the Batman fan in me
DEHR – Cinematic Trailer

DEHR – Gameplay Trailer…feature=relmfu

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