Lollipop Chainsaw – Zombie Blood and Rainbow Love Hearts… Only in Japan.

Only a studio from Japan can decide to take the Zombie craze in gaming and add a pigtailed, blonde haired chainsaw weilding cheerleader as the protaganist and hit the ground running like its run of the mill. At this stage I honestly dont think that Suda51 believe themselves to be making eccentric videogames anymore, but more a representation of who they actually are. Very talented but largely nutty – in a good way.

Also exciting is the fact that this game follows so closely to “Shadows of The Damned” a game that I have had no issues proclaiming my love for, even if it did flop sales wise. Add to that Akira Yamaoka is in charge of the sound and well as crazy as this all seems I just may be adding money to Suda51’s pockets for a second time in a year, once it gets releaed.

Watch the trailer below – bizarre, strange, slightly Tarrantino – you be the judge:

(thanks to for the video – if you dont already do visit

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