Nintendo Ambassadors AHOY!!!

So the ambassadors program is off the ground… Nintendo giving things away for free? Nintendo dropping the price of the 3DS already? These are all signs of the coming aplocolypse certainly, there couldnt be any other explanation.

While waiting for the end of days though why not take a trip down ol’ nostalgia street right onto a cruisy ride down Memory lane. Unless you play Donkey Kong Jr, thats the bumpy ass annoying section of Old Memory Lane which frustrates the hell out of you.

Warning rushing through most of these games = the above

I almost fell of my seat when I saw NES Open Tournament Golf… And that’s not even the best part the 10 SNES games are yet to be released and I am dying to play Yoshi’s Island…

Thank you Nintendo – now start releasing some good actual 3DS titles because Memory Lane isn’t that long a drive. Hopefully the price drop means more buyers for the 3DS (or maybe just the fanboys right Iwata), leading to better games at a more frequent rate, which ultimatly leads to a total justification on my part for buying it for my wife.

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