Rayman Origins – Its beautiful, its back to basics and you probably wont ever play it.

You all remember Rayman right? probably not, but for those who do your mind is by this point probably overloaded with too many spin off series of the original that its just become another series whored out by a big publisher. This is the case with Rayman too and with varying success – starting as a simple side scrolling platformer on the Playstation that just had to follow every other game into world of 3D in Rayman 2, but Rayman truely started to lose the plot and nothing symbolises that more than the raving Rabbids series.

This November however Ubisoft via Ubisoft Montpellier are relaunching the franchise in glorious full HD-2D  and when I say glorious I mean it.

What makes me use the word glorious twice within 6 words of eachother? Its the new UbiArt Framework  engine that is being used to make it. It basically works much like a cartoon is made and allows the artist to let the art matter more than the technical side of how to move ones arms (not that Rayman has arms).

Instantly I am taken back to a time of gaming with games like Earthworm Jim, Toe Jam and Earl, Sonic before it began to suck. There may be little to no nostalgia for Rayman itself but there is no denying that 2D platforming while seen as ancient still has a lot to offer. I really dont need to say to much more though, honestly look at some of the screenshots.

I honestly have no idea whats going on but f**k its beutiful

Even less of an idea but still beauty... beauty...

Beautiful right? And it excites to think about some of the other great cartoons that could be made into videogames (I would love an SNES Aladdin remake) and also some of the great artists who might be able to use it (Glen Keane or Hayao Miyazaki anybody?)

So why wont you play it?

Well on the first count it wont be well recieved because its a 2D platformer being released at full retail price – It wouldnt kill Ubisoft to recognise the shallow nature of todays market and just how much of a niche title this really is, besides its not like it hold any real nostalgic value from previous titles.

That leads right onto the second and really not suprising point of its in store release date of November 15th 2011.

Lets look in and around that date shall we for other titles being released.

Uncharted 3, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Saints Row The Third, Assassins Creed Revolations, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition and last but certainly not least just some little game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3… so who has Rayman Origins on their list of games to get?

Its not the first time Ubisoft have done this to one of their games and I am sure they arent expecting Rayman Origins to be a blockbuster but surely it could of waited at least a few more weeks before release. The good news is that surely it wont take long for the price to drop to a price it probably should have been released at, I just hope that doesnt affect future use of the UbiArt Framework engine.

Anywho they say a picture is worth 1000 words so I wonder how many more words this trailer below adds to this articles wordcount.


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