Assassins Creed: NeXt? What era do we get to experience going fowared?

Ubisofts Assassins series has taken us on quite a ride through some great era’s past and some beautiful and often also drab historical locations. We’ve been annoyed by begging women, pushed around by some more “simple” of the towns folk and even been serenaded by a man and his lute and we have wanted to murder each and everyone of those annoying yet innocent souls. So with Assassins Creed: Revelations putting an final footnote on the Assassins 2 series the question should be asked, where too next?

There is a definate timeline running through the Assassins series that leads us into more modern times with Desmond. The ongoing battle between The Assassins and the Knights Templar wont just take a break after Ezio’s story is finished and move quickly into those times, so we can be assured that Desmond will have more memories to unlock from his DNA.

Being a bit of a history buff myself I think I have an idea where the story will lead us – albiet with the sketchy use of historical fact used in Assassins Creed – The battle between the Assassins and the Templars does share some striking similarities between certain Religious groups who have been waring through history and there are a few key moments and places where Desmonds next ancestor could play out. Here are a few I think could get a look in.

France: 1789 – The French Revolution.

This would be a great chance to take the game into France which is drenched in a history riddled with Templar/Vatican conspiracy. The French Revolution (1789-1799) for those who don’t know was a time of radical social and political change in France and a lot of Europe also. It was a time where the monarchy that had ruled for centuries all but crumbled and was dead within three years. Political and religious privilages evaporated and the old ideas of Heirarchy and tradition gave in to new ideas of enlightenment, citizinship and human rights.

In 1792 France was declared a Republic and King Louis XVI was executed within a year of this change. After this came the rise of Maxamilien Robespierre and the Jacobins who from 1793 – 1794 initiated a “reign of terror” where between 16,000-40,000 people were killed.

These years and the rise of the Jacobins and Robespierre especially should be viewed as critical for an Assassins Creed game. The Revolution itself and the “reign of terror” that followed from it was heavily backed by the Vatican and their Templar connections, as revenge for expelling them from France and Austria and also so that they could exact revenge on those who didnt fall at the feet of the Pope as their supreme ruler (hence the 40,000 French murdered).

The newly introduced French ancestor of Desmond would be tasked with taking down the Jacobins and Robespierre, which historically was done in 1795 when Robespierre was executed and then between 1795 – 1799 was the march towards Napoleon Bonaparte and the Napoleonic War. It would mark a period in Assassins Creed Lore where the Templars are trying to regain power and The Brotherhood would be trying to stop their rise.

England: During the reign of King James I – 1603 – 1625

Two words for you – Gunpowder Plot.

Basing an entire Assassins Creed story around one assassination attempt seems a little shallow, however the conspiracy and intregue both before and after this foiled attempt would serve as a great battle ground for our two waring factions to go head to head. Following an act like Elizabeth I would always be a daunting task for any King or Queen – James unfortunatly had this honour – how do you follow up what was commonly known as the Golden Age of an Empire?

Making it particularly hard was that for all the work that Elizabeth had accomplished, expelling and waring with the Roman Catholic Church they were still prevelant in the country and James would have to continue this fight. So immediatly you get the idea that once again we would have a setting where the Templars are trying to regain their power and your task is to repel them, or at least aid in repelling them.

While sympathetic to Catholics and even trained by them when he was the King of Scotland, The Golden Age continued with England remaining a Protestant Empire. This infuriated the Vatican who continued to try and infiltrate and assassinate the still Protestant King. The most known of these attempts was and still is the Gunpowder plot/Treason, which was led by a Jesuit Roman Catholic named Robert Catesby. The plot invlolved blowing up the House Of Lords during the State Opening of Parliament, in which King James was attending.

Not only would this be an interesting angle to play an Assassins Creed game, it would also allow for great historical character cameos like Sir Robert Cecil, Sir Walter Raleigh and even William Shakespear himself. All while being the hidden hand behind the twarting of one of the biggest conspiratorial plots of all time and keeping the Templars out of power, for now.

America – War of Independence (1775–1783)

This to me is maybe not the next step in the series but a fairly logical step for the future of the series. We all know that we eventually end up in modern times in what can only be described as America during Desmond’s part of the story so the Assassins and Templars need to get here at some point. And what a point it would be to begin their battles in America during the bloody but glorious War of Independance against the British. Let me paint the picture; (by the way this is just my musings on how it would go)

Fleeing Europe due to centuries of fighting and opression, our new hero and perhaps his family also flee to the New Land of America and her colonies. Upon arriving and making a life for themselves they begin to see that war is brewing here too, and the foe is all a little to familiar. After first refusing to fight things become heated and personal forcing you to join the battle.

Okay so I essentially just stole the story from Mel Gibsons “The Patriot” but come on tell me it doesnt work on every single level. The now Catholic controlled England being fought off by the 13 colonies, odds stacked totally against you and your countrymen.

While tweaking would be required to the story to fit an Assassins Creed plot, all the ingredients are there and a new non European setting would give the series a fresh feel. Also a staple of the series has been weapons progression so bringing it into the late 1700’s and we would be assassinating with muskets and bayonets, nice. Assassins Creed American Revolution (copywrite) could also offer new gameplay experiences to rejuvinate the franchise.

Large battles going on in the distance that you can join if you want to.

Form a malitia group and take down marching Red Coat regiments.

Also meeting and conversing with General George Washington himself and all the other Founding Fathers. It would be a different direction but one that I think the series will need to take.

PLUS work this out:


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