The Brilliant and oft underrated marketing of Gears Of War…

A lot is either made or not made of the way Epic games and Microsoft marketed the Gears of War series. It was either made to be a strange choice by most fans or not paid attention to much at all. Yes I am talking about the focus on sad and emotional state of the war waging on Sara. The use of songs like “Mad World” and Devotchka’s “How It Ends” dont quite fit in with the in your face dudefest that is cutting a big Alien in half with your chainsaw.

But there are two sides to a war and I think Gears in conjunction with their trailers and marketing present both sides.

The dialogue might be cheesy and the story a tad predictable but Gears has always saught to tell a complete story of war. Its not just about the emoitional side, there is going to be a high amount of testosterone thrown around and in a world like the one in Gears a high level of egomaniacle bravado will be the order of the day. But its not just about that Bro-Power attitude, there is and are prices to pay and I guess this is why what happens to Dom in Gears 2 made me choke up just a little.

*cue soft piano and vocals...

The marketing and use of artistic trailers I think help add to the emoitional journey of the game. While your playing it, its easy to get caught up in the executions and explosions and massive Brumacks. When a cut scene hits the swear words and gruff voices dominate, but lets face it the COG soldiers weren’t recruited to be wordsmiths. They were recruited because they would scream in joy about the blood they were spilling and arent you too as the player.

I still havent played Gears 3, but I will as soon as it releases and I expect their to be an emotional peak at some point, what being the end an all. After watching the trailer featuring Mazzy Star’s “Into Dust” I certainly know I am bound to choke up and hold in Man Tears at some point.

How do the following not make you want to pick the game up and fight for humanity?

GEARS OF WAR – Mad World.

GEARS OF WAR 2 – The Last Days

GEARS OF WAR 3 – Dust To Dust.

Come on people… I just want to be brothers to the end with all the COG’s after watching those.

Gears Of War 3 comes out on a midnight release tonight in Australia and I will be lining up in the cold much to the chagrin of my other half. She will be waiting with me too…

  1. good article…. they seemed to have kept this emotional promotion going and even during the game they punch emotion into the story….

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