Game Music of the Week…

Sonic the Hedgehog (The whole soundtrack)

It was to hard to pick just one song from the Original Sonic the Hedgehog soundtrack to honour with this weeks Game Music of the Week, so I chose to say the whole soundtrack as a collective wins the title. Honestly though I think its a forgivable act, dont you think?

I think it is.

Sega was always considered the lesser of the two when it came to Nintendo and the soundtracks of their games. But with the help of Masato Nakamura of J-Pop band “Dreams Come True” – Sega were able to put together a soundtrack that defined a series. 

Everybody knows "Green Hill Zone" and I mean EVERYBODY

 Listening to it now days you still pick up new elements like the bouncing bassline in “Star Light”, the phasing Synths in “Scrap Brain Zone” and the Neptunes sounding “Spring Yard Zone”.

If I ever get the chance to interview or just speak to Pharrell Williams and or Chad Hugo I will be asking them about any Sonic the Hedgehog influence.

Here are a few choice cuts from this weeks Game Music of the Week.

Green Hill Zone: (For the NOOBS)

Scrap Brain Zone:

Spring Yard Zone:

  1. great track – i found out yesterday that Pharrell Williams did the score on the film Despicable Me

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