The Lion King Has Disney Still Roaring After All These Years…

Its been a long long time since I had seen it last and the excitement was uncontainable as I sat in a cinema again waiting to hear all about the Circle of Life again. I am going to take a break here for a second from video games and pay attention to its older brother Animated films.

I am not scared to admit that goosebumps covered my arms, chills shook my body and the lump in my throat was working in tandem with the tears welling up in my eyes. I held in a majority of the tears but I almost didnt want to. It was magic all over again but stronger then when I was a child. Sure there was a dash of nostalgia added to the mix this time around but it was this moment that you really appreciate what Disney do in their films for adults as well as for children.

I think every child should see this movie, I think every child for that matter should watch all of the old classic Disney movies and not just this new modern animation (3d Computer generated and 2d hand drawn alike). It can inspire in young and old creativity that lay dormant for years or that you didnt know you had at all. For example the day after watching it again my wife sitting at home comes out with “I feel like painting… I haven’t painted in so so long but I really just need to paint”.

Several hours later and I now have several different scenes from Disney movies painted by my darling wife framed and hanging above my computer in my office as a constant muse for myself. Its Disney inspiration by proxy but that only serves to make it more powerful.

This scene could of been overdone.

I also appreciated that while making this into a 3D relaunch like so many who decide to incorporate the latest trend, Disney did it in a tasteful was that was non intrusive and didnt try to take centre stage.

The jokes were funnier…

I dont think when your young you can truely get the brilliance of Nathan Lane (Timon). You may of laughed at the songs and the jokes about flatulence but its those little lines that make you wonder “was that adlib?”. Timon and Pumbaa are matched only in comedy by Shenzi, Banzai and Ed and while I now cant stop thinking that Cheech Marin was an odd choice Jim Cummings infectious laugh along with the stupid face on Ed really gives you that Three Stooges Vibe.

Then throw in Rowan Atkinson as Zazu, I mean there is nothing to complain about. A lack of John Cleese perhaps?

The villains were more villainous…

Scar singing be prepared to a marching line of hyenas ala Hitler and the Nazi’s in Nuremberg. Of course it was always a scary moment when you were younger but the weight and impact of the Third Reich imagery behind it gives it so much weight.

The soundtrack more rousing…

Hans Zimmer, Elton John and Tim Rice all working on the one soundtrack, enough said really but if there is something different about the Lion King soundtrack to some other Disney soundtracks it has to be in the way it flawlessly melds together with the story and in fact you could almost listen to “King of Pride Rock” as Simba takes his spot on the top of Pride Rock without knowing the context and Zimmer just makes the music make you cry.

Listen to “King Of Pride Rock”


The sad moments… were just as sad…

When Mufasa dies its still heartbreaking but I guess it was worse for me this time around because well I am an adult. I’ve lost loved ones and understood it and watching Simba not understand why his father wasnt waking up didnt just break my heart it tore it to shreds…

The animation and the acting hits you on so many levels.

I could go into this part in detail but my brother already has… and he included videos and an artwork he did inspired by The Lion King too! This link below is a must read.

It did make me realise one world of hurt I am in for though come later in life. When it comes to my future children I am going to be superdad because well I love animated film and will be just as excited as they are for the latest movie. So I will be first in line with children hanging off my arm, however I am not sure this will translate well once I am in the cinemas because I will want to dissect and appreciate and watch the finer points and not so much answer questions all movie long.

Still this is my cross to bear but it seems to be a little bittersweet for the future. It does assure me plenty of visits to the cinema to watch quote unquote “childrens films” (ludicrous genre tagging if you ask me).

One thing is for sure, I will be speeding up my processes to once again own a Ps3 because when this movie is released on Blu-Ray I will be first in line to buy a copy.

So here’s to Disney for what it was and what it continues to be.

(keep an eye out for some other Disney based articles coming soon as I live in nostalgia for a little while. They might even ALL come up today!!! lets face it I have to make up for a week of nothing last week)

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