NBA 2k12 as you go??? YES INDEED!

2K Sports have announced that NBA2k12 will release on another platform on October 4th.

While obviously the console and PC versions of the game will be the optimal way to experience the NBA, 2K Sports have decided to infiltrate and annihilate the last vestage of NBA gaming for EA, on the Iphone/Ipad/Ipod Touch. Yes thats right NBA 2k12 will be on your iOS device.

Anybody who played either of the NBA games from EA on their Apple device will know that they are somewhat fun but 2K is looking to be innovative and to utterly destroy all other sports games on iOS. How do they do this well the vast amount of modes in itself is impressive with 2k11’s successful Jordan Challenges being recreated for this version. The graphics while about as impressive as they can be for an iOS sports title are still pretty clunky looking BUT this is countered by actually having key shot animations for players.

I think.... I think he just bricked...

So Lebron will brick shots like Lebron actually does and Kobe will look like the Black Mamba when closing games late.

NBA 2k12 drops on all platforms on the 4th of October but for the full details about the iOS version please visit below where they have all the details (exclusive) 😉


Just found this while looking for more details on the iOS NBA 2k12 port… odd that this wasnt part of the actual article on cnet but I think it adds a bit of excitment to my own article.


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