I AM ALIVE proposed winter release on XBLA and PSN… HUH?

Its easy to wonder if I missed something here, I mean I have written about Ubisoft’s “I Am Alive” a few times because its a game I am keeping a close eye on but with a real lack of news to report it can be hard at times to stay ahead. This is why the latest news comes as a shock to me, not because it annoys me or I think it may be a wrong decision but because of how casual it was told.

Just when you thought it may be cancelled it recieves a release date, but that was all. Then a trailer is shown but again nothing else. NOW Ubisoft have come out and said the game has been reworked (not that we would know it had anything to be reworked on really) and is looking like a possible winter release on Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network.

So again I wonder did I miss something? did the entire gaming journalism world MISS SOMETHING.

I have no real issue with it being an XBLA/PSN release because lets face it its not like we knew a lot about it going into the quote unquote “reworking” anyway, so it will more than likely still end up being a really good unique experience.

Adam Novickas, director of Marketing at Ubisoft describes the gameplay as

“… a unique take on the post apocalyptic, survival genre by creating more complex and emotional situations for the player…”

So why the decision to release it on XBLA and PSN Mr Adam Novickas?

Cue the bullish marketing speach…

Real life proper Marketing speech below!!!!!!

“Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network are the perfect platforms to leverage the mature and chellenging  experiences of the game.”

Yeeeeeeeeeeeah we didnt get an answer out of that either BUT in their defence with  the mysteries about the release of this game at all who knows maybe they always planned to release it on XBLA and PSN. Maybe they left it out of their many key point presentations and convention appearances and were to embarrased to admit they missed it. Thought they’d just slip it in real casually later on down the line.

“Winter” release for the reworked “I Am Alive” on XBLA and PSN… as long as they dont charge full retail for it I am still a happy little gamer for this one.

If you missed the trailer before OR this is the first time your hearing about this game here is the trailer REWORKED by George Lucas in High Defonition Disney 3D!!! no its just the normal trailer but its just as exciting.

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