Batman Arkham City – The Reviews are in…

Batman Arkham City reviews are flooding in and all signs still point to a definite GOTY, personally I am a little annoyed that its not coming out until Tuesday/Wednesday in Australia and I won’t be able to get it until Thursday – its an annoying little thing that this country does which ruins many a launch date for many a medium.

Metacritic currently has an accumulative score of 95% based on unto 30 reviews, only one of which dips below a 9 or a 90… Jim Stirling you always have to be different don’t you…

I would suggest that reader beware as some reviewers seem to have a love with revealing potential story spoiling tidbits (stay away from Gamespot and Destructoid)

And before you go looking to see what reviews you want to write negative comments against here is the Official Arkham City Launch trailer – Enjoy Bat fans…

The Telegraph has awarded 5 stars…ty-review.html has awarded 10/10…/review-3.html

IGN US has awarded 9.5/10

Joystiq has awarded 4.5/5…m-city-review/ has awarded 9/10…am-city-review

Eurogamer has awarded 9/10…am-city-review

Digitalspy has awarded 5/5…60-review.html

Wired has awarded 9/10…1&viewall=true

Metro has awarded 9/10…-strikes-again

Nowgamer has awarded 9.4/10…ty_review.html

G4TV has awarded 5/5…m-city/review/

Kotaku gives a very positive review…rkham-city-yes

Gamespot has awarded 9/10…y-video-review

Computerandvideogames has awarded 9.5/10…n-arkham-city/

Gametrailers has awarded 9.3/10

GamePro 5/5 … y-360-ps3/

Guardian 5/5 … ame-review

BigPond GameArena 10/10 … id=5105958 (In French) 5/5 … ty-360-ps3

Eurogamer Sweden (In, obviously, Swedish) 10/10 … -recension

GamingXP (In German) 9.1/10 … m_city.htm

Empire Magazine’s review is live…they gave AC a perfect 5 star rating:

Jeff Gerstmann at gave AC a 5/5 rating, saying:

“…to sum it all up, it’s hard to imagine any fan of action games coming away from Arkham City disappointed.”

Official Xbox Magazine UK gave AC 9 out of 10, saying:

“Arkham City is a brilliant Batman game but not in exactly the same way as Arkham Asylum was. The story’s not as finely tuned, but there’s far more to explore outside of it. The constant between the two is that playing as Batman, particularly with his new abilities, is never less than a pleasure. If anything, freeing the character up with a more open environment – where you can stalk the rooftops and glide over the streets – brings us even closer to that ideal of actually being Batman.”

A 96% was given by, who said:

“It’s all the Batman with none of the bruises.”

And Digital Spy gave it 5 stars, saying about AC: “But the game’s greatest triumph surely is that it makes you feel like Batman. Flying across the fetid Gotham skyline, being pulled hither and thither by an army of competing supervillians, trying to pull together some semblance of order in the chaos; its all part of a day’s work for the Dark Knight, and this is as close as we will ever get to being this incredible yet troubled hero.”


Next Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday cannot come fast enough…

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