Rockstar pre annouce some small title… nothing big really…

So this small videogame company called Rockstar Games that makes these obscure crime based videogames announced the follow up to their widely unknown title Grand Theft Auto IV… something about an immigrant in Liberty City or something, who can remember right!?

Guess we will have to wait and see if this trailer is even any good…

(by the way if you cant tell I am being sarcastic perhaps you should drive your car off of a cliff…)

ITS OFFICIAL!!! Grand Theft Auto V – and in typical Rockstar fashion we hear nothing but rumours and conjecture from everybody but themselves and then boom a trailer is almost upon us.

Instantly we can see a hint that despite all ridiculous rumours that the GTA series would be going to another continent, the “V” in the title has a very Greenback look to it wouldnt you agree. I guess nobody ACTUALLY believed the series would leave the satirical empire of the world and if you did please see my earlier suggestion in the perenthesis above.

So many questions though? Where will it be? Who will it be based around? When is it coming? Will Lazlo be back? Silly or Serious?

Luckily there isnt long to wait before we start getting some answers BUT knowing Rockstar we are certainly in for their standard “HERE’S THE FIRST TRAILER AND A LITTLE BIT OF DETAIL!!! now chew on that for 6 months before we start our real campaign leading up to release…”

hmmmm Classic Rockstar…

So let the excitement begin people, theres  a GTA a’comin…

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