GTAV – Going Going, Back Back To Cali Cali…


No other game conjures up as many questions and as much speculation than a Grand Theft Auto title. Where will it be? When will it be set? Who will it star? What can we do? Will there be skydiving? Will there be BigFoot(s)? Today’s first trailer answered at least one of these questions but raised so many more in the process.

 If you haven’t seen it yet well here you go…

Pants crappingly exciting isnt it???

Everybody else is having there say, so I wanted to throw my 2 cents worth of speculation into the proverbial hat.

 Los Santos is the place to be!!!

So happy to see the big Vinewood sign...

So the rumors were spot on, to nobodies surprise really because as much as everybody wanted to throw speculation around there was no way that Rockstar would take it to anew city. On top of that I had no thoughts that they would make it a real worldLos Angeleseither, the satire and charm lays within San Andreas, the crazier and off beat caricature of LA. But the question now remains about map size and is Los Santos the only stop on the map? It wouldn’t surprise me if a later trailer details Las Venturas also being on the map.

 The last time we went to San Andreas it was Rockstar really pushing the PS2 to the furthest it could take it. This coincided with the end of the current generation of consoles and the beginning of the new generation. Could this decision to go back to San Andreas be coinciding with the talk about a new gen. of consoles? If this is Grand Theft Autos last journey on the current consoles Rockstar would want to go all out.

Graphical Improvements…

Maybe its just the sun but it seems more vibrant...


I guess it goes without saying that GTAV would look better then GTAIV and Red Dead, but there is something about the improvements in the GTAV trailer that are additionally striking. It could more so be the character animations which look more enhanced? Maybe it’s the brighter smog filled skies compared to the concrete jungle ofLibertyCity.

When watching it this morning my wife commented that it would have to be pre-rendered, I quickly advised her though that Rockstar don’t do pre-rendered trailers – this was all in game. Even my parents were taken aback and they barely know how to use a DVD player let alone where video gaming has gone in the past decade.

 Hispanic or no Hispanic

Who that man?

A lot of the talk immediately was whether the protagonist’s voice sounded Hispanic. I didn’t hear it at all and much like IGN I kind of heard Ray Liotta, who they have since confirmed is not in the “trailer”. But it definitely sounded like an Italian and more specifically an Italian fromLibertyCity. Another reason why I don’t think it is a Hispanic protagonist is because the opening monologue in the trailer makes no sense to be a character fromMexico. He says he moved to San Andreas for the weather, the magic and the retire, surely if he was coming from Mexico he would have been mentioning moving from oppression, violence etc… the weather is much the same in Mexico as it is in Los Santos. Besides wouldn’t he of sounded Hispanic and not just speculatively so?

I also don’t believe it’s a Cuban character from Miami for the same reasons, besides who would move from Miami when you have no taxes, beautiful women of your own and Lebron and Wade playing on the same team, it just doesn’t add up.

Is it Tommy Vercetti? No, while that man at 40 seconds in does look a lot like what an older Vercetti would look like, Rockstar have already said years ago that the current GTA games are not linked to the PS2 GTA games. Also if we remember what happened after Vice City was released, I dont think Rockstar and Mr Ray Liotta like eachother very much.

The Family Guy.

Camping YAY!!!


The voiceover in the trailer makes mention of being a family man and having his children have a normal childhood. This is a point of controversy in itself because with the amount of mayhem and wild murder spree’s you can choose to go on, killing children would probably be something even Rockstar wouldn’t touch. While I think having the protagonist be somewhat of an older man with a wife and possibly children would be a huge step forward for the story and making you feel something for the characters but I don’t think a child will be in the game.

Perhaps your wife may be pregnant?


Animals make their first GTA world appearance.


How much is that doggy by the ocean?

Red Dead Redemption introduced a wildlife system to Rockstar’s repertoire and I think its safe to say it was a smashing success. The very first shot of the trailer confirmed mans furry little friends and critters will be making their GTA debut but again like anything else in a GTA trailer more questions arise.

Can we have pets? Can we be killed by animals in the wild? If we run over a squirrel will we have to take it to a vet? Will we have a deal with the birds to get out of the way? Can we ride a horse through Vinewood?

Ever since the PC Blade Runner game gave you a pet back at your apartment I have loved the idea of mimicking my real life pet ownership in videogames. I would love if you had a pet dog, however what I really hope is that there are wild animals in the woodlands areas, say bears for example.

Imagine pulling a crime spree in the city, then a shoot out with the police, then a car chase out of the city and into the woods, you lose the cops, crash your car and then are killed by a bear… WHAT A SEQUENCE OF EVENTS!!!! Not even Saints Row 3 can match that kind of a random story.

There is no doubt that in the time between now and release there will be plenty more speculation and a few answers and suprises dropped here and there by Rockstar. But honestly everybody rejoice for there is a new Grand Theft Auto on the horizon. Exciting times indeed.

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