Game Music of The Week…

Thought I would keep it new release themed this week so yes it is the main theme “Nates Theme” From the Uncharted series.

I specifically mention series here because thats what struck me about this song. Think of all the major Hollywood blockbuster series that we have seen over the decades of cinema. Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Superman, Jaws, Lord of the Rings… they all have one thing in common and overarching theme song that stays true even when the series itself loses its wheels.

I had this great feeling when waiting for Uncharted 3 to load up, when “Nates Theme” began playing it fully hit me that I was about to play an Uncharted game. It was like when the Star Wars theme hit and the text began scrolling, excitment (except Uncharted 3 succeeded to entertain and didnt have Jar Jar Binks stink on it).

So without further adieu theanonymousgamer presents… Drakes Theme (fanfare and crowds cheering)

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