Saints Row The Third… I get it but…. MEH…

This game......... is not my kind of game.

I am in the midst of it at the moment, and perhaps its because I am now married and I feel an added sense of responsibility to take care of my home, my wife and our future life. Or maybe its a global financial crisis and an average paying job that covers my bills and petrol and not much else. I all of a sudden find myself back at the local videostore looking to hire games that previously I would of probably purchased on release day because dammit I could. I have to now evaluate which games I wanted to own full time and which I could either knock out quickly or get out of my system quickly enough.

NBA 2k12 is my FIFA, Skyrim was an easy decsion, as was Batman and Uncharted, Assassins I am a long time fan of so that made the list. Then came the rest.

Modern Warfare – Finish it quick (HIRED)

Battlefield 3 – Get it out of my system (HIRED)

Rayman Origins – Cant justify spending full retail on a sidescroller even though its amazing fun and oh so damn pretty (HIRED) – I just made that category up now.

“Saints Row The Third” kind of always fell into the “get it out of my system” category in the slew of titles I was looking at purchasing, sure there were a few hands on previews that peaked my interest and moments where it moved slightly up into the “must buy” list, but after my first few hours playing through it I immediatly recall why my instincts are usually right when it comes to my own taste in gaming. That is not to say I didnt have fun and I didnt laugh and that I am not going back to it this evening for an extended playthrough, but there has always been something about the Saints series that gets to me. Perhaps its the marketing that THQ employs everytime a new title comes out, with the whole Anti GTA stance.

I never want GTA and Saints Row compared because outside of the fact that there is a criminal story and a sandbox environment everything about the two series come nowhere near eachother. That is kind of the point of Saints Row though and I get it, I just wish THQ would stop with there “WE ARE NOT GTA” garbage because for one WE GET IT and secondly its sounding a little desperate and sad. The fact that the GTAV trailer created more buzz then 3-4 trailers did shows that from a namesake standpoint GTA wins out, but it comes from Rockstars class when it comes to game design and implementation of ideas from marketing to actual gameplay. What makes it seem even sadder is the attempts to make it seem like they dont care and are so casual about their game coming out, it just irks me is all.

F**k marketing really really sh!ts me...

Saints Row started out being touted as a GTA killer, which it didnt come close to doing, Saints Row 2 was a middle finger to GTA and that worked better and well The Third seems to be taking the middle finger to gargantuan levels, and its working again and good for them, for all my bitching I am not beyond a touch of fun and I know that Saints Row is a fun series and i’d raise my glasses to more of them. That being said Saints Row one to me was and still is my favorite in the series, less sillyness, but I guess thats why I love GTAIV – (non of it explains my love for Leslie Nielsen and the Naked Gun Series though).

Lets be totally honest though its all about expectation levels when it comes to comparing the two games. In all the reviews I have read not one discusses the combat and aiming system because who expected any different? That being said if GTA had the same aiming and combat system that a Saints game has the ridicule would be brought up in spades (See GTA III) because more is expected of Rockstar. Its the age old creative question of Quality VS Quantityand for me personally I will take quality over quantity any day of the week. This is why if I were reviewing Saints Row the Third it would be a 8 at its best and a 7 at its worst, see I dont think its a bad game, I just think its services an idea that contradicts what most people are trying to achieve in the industry. Its kind of hard to argue that games are a mature avenue of entertainment while your on screen character goes on a kill frenzy with a giant purple dildo.

Need I say anymore...

When its all said and done I will return to Steeleport tonight and I will probably create some kind of freak character and engage in total utter nonsene before I return it to the videostore. All in all for me its Saints Row The Third is perfect justification of what I originally thought of it, lets get it out of my system and get back to the other games.

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