E3 2012 – backlash, bitching and a whole lot more content to come…

Wow… So much content and it feels like have barely scratched the surface, So what I am going to do is give a run down of whats happened so far through my eyes because well this is my blog and well its my blog what else would I post about right.

I can’t say I am entirely sure why everybody is pissy about the big E3 press conferences… what do you expect?

They are what they are and the bigger and bigger the games industry becomes the more and more mainstream and douchy and less game focused they will become.

The main cruxt of the E3 experience for gamers is the news and demos that come out of the show floor the next few days…

My take so far on E3 2012

1. Ubisoft are cementing themselves as a 100% truefire AAA company with their eyes set on pushing tech and innovation for now and the next gen consoles.

2. Sony have finally realised that they have lost this console generation to Microsoft and Nintendo so are doing the one thing that their main competetor is not focusing on exclusive titles by big devs to show the gaming community they still give a f**k about games.

3. Microsoft are actually looking to become more like Apple then they are trying to become Nintendo.

4. Nintendo announce the WiiU – much like what we saw last year and all through out the last year but ohh Mass Effect 3 which is the third game in a long running franchise will be a launch title on WiiU about a year after it was originally released…

I am not a Nintendo hater nor a PS3 or Xbox Fanboy – i own a Wii, 360, Ps3 and a 3DS as well as playing games on my Mac if it can handle it. But I am sorry Nintendo dont have the advantage of sneaking up on Microsoft this time around like they did with the Wii – Smartglass might seem like a gimmick but without having to release actual hardware its a system that they can exploit heavily and use Nintendo in the sense that if Developers are already going to be creating content for a second screen on the WiiU why not port it to the Xbox Smartglass system also.

Nintendo coming out with a machine that wont be as powerful as the Xbox720 or Ps4 in the next 1-2 years and saying “hey we now can get third party titles also” isnt the home run a lot of people were expecting. And personally i am not sure why they expected it. PROVE ME WRONG NINTENDO… PROVE ME WRONG.

On a games front the Ubisoft conference was amazing, why It was games, games and more games… and great games also, here are my most anticipated so far.

Watch Dogs

It is truely shocking to me that Ubisoft were able to keep this one a secret, but more power to them because the unexpected nature of its announcement only strengthens what looks like an amazing new IP.

A lot of questions about how it plays, who you are (is the other character at the end of the demo another user altogether?) and is this a next gen title in waiting?

Star Wars 1313:

Looks truely amazing and until it was admitted on GT:TV that it was running on a High end PC i thought we had another Killzone2 on our hands.

Assassins Creed 3:

The depth and the scope on the new Assassins Creed entry is astonishing. From the snow covered frontiers, to the developing Boston and to the very Pirates of the Carrabean Naval Battle, this title will make a huge splash and I am so so happy its still coming out this year.

Beyond: Two Souls:

This title could be anything, it really could be anything. Besides the fact that David Cage has gotten an Academy Award nominee to be the lead star kind of opens a door for something I have wanted to see for a while, imagine Martin Scorsese working with DeNiro again in a videogame. Again like Watch Dogs though a lot of questions to be answered regarding Quantic Dreams new IP.

Halo 4:

Well it was HALO, but much prettier, honestly I am not a huge Halo fanboy but I will always pay attention to a title that has helped shape the industry the way Halo has. Do I think that it looks good, yeah sure. Do I think that it looks a little generic? Sure why not! but its to early to tell at this stage.

I guess I am a little jaded because I was hoping for some kind of a Spartan civil war type storyline, still may get it I guess. Like I said its still early days, but it was good to see the Master Cheif again wasn’t it?

Tomb Raider:

Here is irony explained for you – in 2006 Naughty Dog announced and starting showing off Uncharted: Drakes Fortune. While looking amazing and showing off the new power and promise of the PS3 the response was resounding – “DUDE RAIDER!!!” fast fowared to 2012 – Crystal Dynamics showcase their first extended gameplay demos for the reboot of Tomb Raider, again it looks and runs amazingly well and the mass response from most… “Its Ucharted with a chick”.

I had no point to that story because it kind of does look like Uncharted with a chick, and thats a bad thing why? from all other reports there is to be a whole lot different about the two franchises by the time Tomb Raider comes out (survival elements confirmed as well as Metroidvania style open world hubs/sandboxes that will require revisiting for exploration).

The Last of Us:

While on the topic of Naughty Dog, doesnt this look like a real gem. Gritty, tense and downright brutal. Is it scripted? is it natural? is it a Naughty Dog story to experience? Isnt Uncharted scripted? Hang on i’ve forgotten what people are complaining about? Im just going to watch the demo again I think.

Anyway plenty of more content all coming our way in the next few days and I will probably be yelling at myself for forgetting to mention something in the above. Surely too a lot of fallout to sort through in the coming months. Good times ahead fellow gamers, good times indeed.

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