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Game Music of The Week…

Thought I would keep it new release themed this week so yes it is the main theme “Nates Theme” From the Uncharted series.

I specifically mention series here because thats what struck me about this song. Think of all the major Hollywood blockbuster series that we have seen over the decades of cinema. Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Superman, Jaws, Lord of the Rings… they all have one thing in common and overarching theme song that stays true even when the series itself loses its wheels.

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Game Music(s) Of The Week

In the wake of Grand Theft Auto III’s big 10th Birthday just last week and in the excitement of the coming Grand Theft Auto V first trailer ohh so very close I thought I would cheat with Game Music of the Week and by cheat I mean chose all GTA Soundtracks.

I thought I would throw together a choice cut from each game. The rest are all on YouTube so you savvy internet users know what to do if I didnt pick your favorite.

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ChipTunes for Brunch…

Breakfast didnt quite fill the tank?

Lunch is a little too far off?

Perhaps you want something that will lift your spirits and tantilize your tastebuds like a chocolate but you dont want the worry of potentially adding weight to your waistline?  Mr President… We have the answer!!!

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Game Music Of The Week

This feels like a long time coming but unfortunatly personal and family issues tend to trump non profit videogame blogging… anyway onto the Music of the Week.


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Game Music of The Week…

Wow Surprise its a Disney related!!!

But I bet you thought it would be the Lion King!? come on I am not a one dimentional Disney fan…

The Aladdin game holds a dear dear place in my heart as does the film and the soundtrack. So chip tune Aladdin was clearly going to have a spot reserved in my heart.

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Game Music of the Week…

Sonic the Hedgehog (The whole soundtrack)

It was to hard to pick just one song from the Original Sonic the Hedgehog soundtrack to honour with this weeks Game Music of the Week, so I chose to say the whole soundtrack as a collective wins the title. Honestly though I think its a forgivable act, dont you think?

I think it is.

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Chip Tunes for Breakfast...

Another drab, boring, lifeless day at the office?

I know how you feel – brighten yourself and your world up with some Chip Tuney Goodness.  All the nutrients of a bowl of oats and the energy giving powers of a Red Bull or 2 without the caffine and sugar addiction am I right? alright…

Please press more for your bowl of ChipTunes…

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