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E3 2012 – backlash, bitching and a whole lot more content to come…

Wow… So much content and it feels like have barely scratched the surface, So what I am going to do is give a run down of whats happened so far through my eyes because well this is my blog and well its my blog what else would I post about right.

I can’t say I am entirely sure why everybody is pissy about the big E3 press conferences… what do you expect?

They are what they are and the bigger and bigger the games industry becomes the more and more mainstream and douchy and less game focused they will become.

The main cruxt of the E3 experience for gamers is the news and demos that come out of the show floor the next few days…

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Saints Row The Third… I get it but…. MEH…

This game......... is not my kind of game.

I am in the midst of it at the moment, and perhaps its because I am now married and I feel an added sense of responsibility to take care of my home, my wife and our future life. Or maybe its a global financial crisis and an average paying job that covers my bills and petrol and not much else. I all of a sudden find myself back at the local videostore looking to hire games that previously I would of probably purchased on release day because dammit I could. I have to now evaluate which games I wanted to own full time and which I could either knock out quickly or get out of my system quickly enough.

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Unchartered Territories: Proof That A Naughty Dog Can Teach Itself New Tricks…


The Uncharted series is an odd beast to describe when only looking at the sum of its parts. It seems to have copied from a lot of its peers, third person action with shooting, platforming and puzzle elements, sounds familiar right? But the gameplay mechanics are not total of the sum of the Uncharted games. To me the Uncharted series is the definition of “little touches” that most videogames lack. From the believable interactions and dialogue between the characters in the game to the incidental pieces of animation that only happen once in the entire game, Naughty Dog have proven that every little thing matters when trying to get everything right to epic proportions.

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Batman Arkham City – GOTY? My friends its only the beginning…

Well the follow up to Rocksteady’s suprisingly successful Batman Arkham Asylum is almost upon us. With a few early “exclusive” reviews coming through and none breaching a below 90 score its safe to say at this stage we have a surefire Game of the Year candidate on our hands here. Sure I could let the Bat geek out of his cave here and go into “it IS game of the year” type irrational rants but i’ve subdued that side of my personality to look at this objectivly. Thats not to say that I am not hyped as hell to get my hands on this title.

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Game Animation: Deus Ex: Mannequins that Speak by Shannon Green

the following is an article written by my brother Shannon (aka GAMESWEWANT here on this very blog). He is currently studying Character Animation with the Animation Mentor.

Thats about enough movement and or emotion out of you thank you very much...

 Game Animation: Deus Ex: Mannequins that Speak

by Shannon “GamesWeWant” Green

Along with my love of character animation in feature film I also have a passion for it in interactive media, specifically video games. Over the years this field of animation has become much more important in the gaming space due to the fact that technology is finally catching up with the vision of game designers and thus realism in both movement and environments are paramount.

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The Brilliant and oft underrated marketing of Gears Of War…

A lot is either made or not made of the way Epic games and Microsoft marketed the Gears of War series. It was either made to be a strange choice by most fans or not paid attention to much at all. Yes I am talking about the focus on sad and emotional state of the war waging on Sara. The use of songs like “Mad World” and Devotchka’s “How It Ends” dont quite fit in with the in your face dudefest that is cutting a big Alien in half with your chainsaw.

But there are two sides to a war and I think Gears in conjunction with their trailers and marketing present both sides.

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Assassins Creed: NeXt? What era do we get to experience going fowared?

Ubisofts Assassins series has taken us on quite a ride through some great era’s past and some beautiful and often also drab historical locations. We’ve been annoyed by begging women, pushed around by some more “simple” of the towns folk and even been serenaded by a man and his lute and we have wanted to murder each and everyone of those annoying yet innocent souls. So with Assassins Creed: Revelations putting an final footnote on the Assassins 2 series the question should be asked, where too next?

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