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So last night I totally had my mind blown!!!

7:35pm – and my PS3 has had the pre-load screen for Journey sitting idle for at least 5 minutes. The theme loops and I stare at the screenshot used waiting until I am totally ready to embark on my Journey.

7:38pm – Still no movement, at this stage you might be wondering what is happening. Well my wife is in the lounge room too at this point. Sorting out some bills and making sure they are paid, on the phone talking to some call centre somewhere. For starters thats not the kind of environment that the gorgeous strings of the Journey theme song call for and secondly my wife doesnt want me starting the game without her full attention.

7:42pm – Finally it is time to take my first step.

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I Am Alive critical reaction = 2012 version of Deadly Premonitions?

Why scores so varied?

I Am Alive was always going to go one way or the other in my opinion but what I did not expect was the rollercoaster of review scores that launched this morning. Things seemed to have leveled out to about where I thought it might end up (Metacritic has it at around 75) but its always interesting when a game can recieve a 10 from one publication and a 4.5 from another. So like the mystery of Deadly Premonition before it, it is something that needs investigating.

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Dead Island… Who do YOU Voodoo? Bitch!

It’s amazing how you can have an opinion of a game one minute and it seems like in an instance your on the other side of the fence. When Dead Islands first trailer came out, much like the rest of the world I was in awe, could this finally be a zombie game that captures some of the emotional side of a zombie apocolypse? What could this game be? So so many tantilizing questions sprung into my head.
Then the first gameplay trailers and demos were released and I found myself underwhelmed at what the game actually was. I had seen this before and it does not have any resemblance to that remarkable reveal trailer only a few months before. As time went on and previews were released I went from underwhelmed to simply whelmed, knowing full well no matter my level of whemled-ness I would pick up a copy of Dead Island.

Deus Ex, a 7, an 8 or a 9? who can’t decide…

Lets not call this a review, lets face it your not really coming here to read reviews, I am sure that IGN, Gamesradar, 1up and all the other major gaming outlets have that covered. No I would more so call this a retrospective to both my experience and what seems to be an experience a lot of reviewers felt on release day.

I’ll get the score out of the way first, personally I have given the game an 8 but interestingly at times I agree with scores that range from a 10 to a 7. As far as I am concerned Deus Ex Human Revolution is a really good game and a great way to kick off the gaming year, but at times it can also be a pretty poor game but still a good way to kick off the gaming year.

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Shadows of the Damned… preeeetty pretty pretty pretty good…

A lot of gamers would be familiar with and happy with the sounds of Shinji Mikami, Akira Yamaoka and Suda51 teaming up to make a game. For those who don’t get all the hype when those names are mentioned I will break it down like this:

When looking at that equation the industry hype is quite understood and the games public reception since release has been somewhat agonizingly frustrating. Does it live up to the expectations of having 3 gaming giants behind it or do to many cooks spoil the broth?

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