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We here at TheAnonymousGamer love videogames so much that we often feel we are “unappreciated scholars” who not only hold the right to judge games for how they play and the ideas surrounding them but also to come up with our own videogames. We have a tonne of ideas and will be presenting them to you in a series of “Games We Want” pieces, the first of which being a Mafia MMORPG.

– theanonymousgamer.


Has there really ever been a Mafia themed game that captures what its like to work, day to day in a crime family? Sure there was Mafia 1 and 2 and they presented an open world environment with a narrative depicting mob life but it never really touched on the day to day operations nor the ultimate ambition of any mobster, to climb the ladder and one day run the family. There was also the real time strategy PC release called Gangsters which somewhat detailed the day to day running of a Cosa Nostra Family but still, it wasn’t authentic in its delivery or tone.

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