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Flash Delirium episode 8 part (i)

In this episode Flash ponders whether to hang his gloves and boots up, but you never know when or how oppotunity will come knocking… no matter how irresponsible or dangerous it may be… 

Flash Delirium episode 8 part (i)

“I’m…. A mentor…”

After week upon week upon week of failure by Flash to fully lockdown a fulltime sidekick gig, Flash was at his wits ends. It was as though some mind blowing revelation on what to do with himself was on the tip of his tongue but he just couldn’t quite formulate it into a sentence to jump of the tip of his tongue and into the world.

Surrounded by other failing sidekicks he looked at his hands, he looked at his tights. For a brief moment the thought of quitting crossed his mind. As the time dragged on in the waiting room he felt as though his rubber covered hands were being forced into submission. Maybe the Superhero sidekick vocation was not to be his destiny after all.

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