Game Music(s) Of The Week

In the wake of Grand Theft Auto III’s big 10th Birthday just last week and in the excitement of the coming Grand Theft Auto V first trailer ohh so very close I thought I would cheat with Game Music of the Week and by cheat I mean chose all GTA Soundtracks.

I thought I would throw together a choice cut from each game. The rest are all on YouTube so you savvy internet users know what to do if I didnt pick your favorite.

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Unchartered Territories: Proof That A Naughty Dog Can Teach Itself New Tricks…


The Uncharted series is an odd beast to describe when only looking at the sum of its parts. It seems to have copied from a lot of its peers, third person action with shooting, platforming and puzzle elements, sounds familiar right? But the gameplay mechanics are not total of the sum of the Uncharted games. To me the Uncharted series is the definition of “little touches” that most videogames lack. From the believable interactions and dialogue between the characters in the game to the incidental pieces of animation that only happen once in the entire game, Naughty Dog have proven that every little thing matters when trying to get everything right to epic proportions.

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ChipTunes for Brunch…

Breakfast didnt quite fill the tank?

Lunch is a little too far off?

Perhaps you want something that will lift your spirits and tantilize your tastebuds like a chocolate but you dont want the worry of potentially adding weight to your waistline?  Mr President… We have the answer!!!

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Rockstar pre annouce some small title… nothing big really…

So this small videogame company called Rockstar Games that makes these obscure crime based videogames announced the follow up to their widely unknown title Grand Theft Auto IV… something about an immigrant in Liberty City or something, who can remember right!?

Guess we will have to wait and see if this trailer is even any good…

(by the way if you cant tell I am being sarcastic perhaps you should drive your car off of a cliff…)

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Game Music Of The Week

This feels like a long time coming but unfortunatly personal and family issues tend to trump non profit videogame blogging… anyway onto the Music of the Week.


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Batman Arkham City – The Reviews are in…

Batman Arkham City reviews are flooding in and all signs still point to a definite GOTY, personally I am a little annoyed that its not coming out until Tuesday/Wednesday in Australia and I won’t be able to get it until Thursday – its an annoying little thing that this country does which ruins many a launch date for many a medium.

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Batman Arkham City – GOTY? My friends its only the beginning…

Well the follow up to Rocksteady’s suprisingly successful Batman Arkham Asylum is almost upon us. With a few early “exclusive” reviews coming through and none breaching a below 90 score its safe to say at this stage we have a surefire Game of the Year candidate on our hands here. Sure I could let the Bat geek out of his cave here and go into “it IS game of the year” type irrational rants but i’ve subdued that side of my personality to look at this objectivly. Thats not to say that I am not hyped as hell to get my hands on this title.

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