I AM ALIVE proposed winter release on XBLA and PSN… HUH?

Its easy to wonder if I missed something here, I mean I have written about Ubisoft’s “I Am Alive” a few times because its a game I am keeping a close eye on but with a real lack of news to report it can be hard at times to stay ahead. This is why the latest news comes as a shock to me, not because it annoys me or I think it may be a wrong decision but because of how casual it was told.

Just when you thought it may be cancelled it recieves a release date, but that was all. Then a trailer is shown but again nothing else. NOW Ubisoft have come out and said the game has been reworked (not that we would know it had anything to be reworked on really) and is looking like a possible winter release on Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network.

So again I wonder did I miss something? did the entire gaming journalism world MISS SOMETHING.

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NBA 2k12 as you go??? YES INDEED!

2K Sports have announced that NBA2k12 will release on another platform on October 4th.

While obviously the console and PC versions of the game will be the optimal way to experience the NBA, 2K Sports have decided to infiltrate and annihilate the last vestage of NBA gaming for EA, on the Iphone/Ipad/Ipod Touch. Yes thats right NBA 2k12 will be on your iOS device.

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Game Animation: Deus Ex: Mannequins that Speak by Shannon Green

the following is an article written by my brother Shannon (aka GAMESWEWANT here on this very blog). He is currently studying Character Animation with the Animation Mentor.

Thats about enough movement and or emotion out of you thank you very much...

 Game Animation: Deus Ex: Mannequins that Speak

by Shannon “GamesWeWant” Green


Along with my love of character animation in feature film I also have a passion for it in interactive media, specifically video games. Over the years this field of animation has become much more important in the gaming space due to the fact that technology is finally catching up with the vision of game designers and thus realism in both movement and environments are paramount.

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Game Music of The Week…

Wow Surprise its a Disney related!!!

But I bet you thought it would be the Lion King!? come on I am not a one dimentional Disney fan…

The Aladdin game holds a dear dear place in my heart as does the film and the soundtrack. So chip tune Aladdin was clearly going to have a spot reserved in my heart.

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The Lion King Has Disney Still Roaring After All These Years…

Its been a long long time since I had seen it last and the excitement was uncontainable as I sat in a cinema again waiting to hear all about the Circle of Life again. I am going to take a break here for a second from video games and pay attention to its older brother Animated films.

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Game Music of the Week…

Sonic the Hedgehog (The whole soundtrack)

It was to hard to pick just one song from the Original Sonic the Hedgehog soundtrack to honour with this weeks Game Music of the Week, so I chose to say the whole soundtrack as a collective wins the title. Honestly though I think its a forgivable act, dont you think?

I think it is.

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The Brilliant and oft underrated marketing of Gears Of War…

A lot is either made or not made of the way Epic games and Microsoft marketed the Gears of War series. It was either made to be a strange choice by most fans or not paid attention to much at all. Yes I am talking about the focus on sad and emotional state of the war waging on Sara. The use of songs like “Mad World” and Devotchka’s “How It Ends” dont quite fit in with the in your face dudefest that is cutting a big Alien in half with your chainsaw.

But there are two sides to a war and I think Gears in conjunction with their trailers and marketing present both sides.

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