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The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same…

So many promises...

The gaming industry is always talking about and implementing change as it pushes fowared. New tech leads to new innovations which leads to new “experiences”, both which are welcomed and not welcomed by equal parts of the community. And while we have come along way from The Vectrex to the Xbox 360, my question is has the core gaming experience really changed that much?

Lets not think about graphically advances and how we evolved from Cartridge to BluRay,  yes all of this indicates big change in the industry and strides fowared no doubt, but on a Gameplay level how radically different is everything to arcade gaming really?

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Lollipop Chainsaw – Zombie Blood and Rainbow Love Hearts… Only in Japan.

Only a studio from Japan can decide to take the Zombie craze in gaming and add a pigtailed, blonde haired chainsaw weilding cheerleader as the protaganist and hit the ground running like its run of the mill. At this stage I honestly dont think that Suda51 believe themselves to be making eccentric videogames anymore, but more a representation of who they actually are. Very talented but largely nutty – in a good way.

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“I AM ALIVE” Gameplay footage from GamesCom

A little video seems to have escaped most eyes from the flood of game footage and trailers shown at Gamescom on the weekend past. Ubisofts IAM ALIVE finally peaked out of its hiding hole in search for food and prosperity (advertising) with a short but promising gameplay trailer.

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My Top 5 games of the upcoming Gaming year

With the imminent release of Deus Ex Human Revolution games are all sitting back and waiting for at least 5 games before the end of 2011 that of course would extend to at least 10-20 games before the next Summer/Winter Slump in 2012. I know for a fact that I will be getting every major gaming release and a few here and there in between before the next slump kicks in but for now here are the top 5 games that I will 100% be picking up on release day.

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The Summer/Winter Slump is over… LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!

And let them begin with a genetically augmented bang with Deus Ex Human Revolution.

Some would say that Deus Ex Human Revolution is the official launch of the big titles for the upcoming gaming year (some would argue depending on what games they want) but as far as Triple A Titles are concerned after this Thursday it certainly is going to be a crazy downhill ride so try and grab what ever titles you can afford.

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Gaming with a Mortgage/Debt… To Trade or Not To Trade…

One thing I love about being an adult is that I no longer have to wait for special occassions such as Birthdays or Xmas to unbox the latest and best video game console and games. I remember going to a friends house to play Super Mario 64 a few days after the Nintendo 64 was released and being totally blown away. I also remember going back several times over to play other games in the 4 months leading up to Christmas before I finally got my own N64.  That wait made Diddy Kong racing seem like the best game ever made.

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Gone Fishin’ and now I am back…

Hey there avid readers… Though there is no evidence of you being constant readers the statistics seem to indicate that somebody or bodies have been reading…

No new content for a while because well I have been a busy gamer doing all things non gaming.

Gaming lesson of the day – Wedding planning and paying a mortgage DOES reap havoc on precious gaming time…

Lucky for me though its all seeming to happen during the down period before the flood gates open for gaming goodness through out the rest of this year.

But I am back and without the help of the helpers I was expecting so I will try to keep updating with new stuff and muses for you all to read if you are reading and to those who seem to be dont be shy make yourself know.

– anonymousgamer.