E3 2012 – backlash, bitching and a whole lot more content to come…

Wow… So much content and it feels like have barely scratched the surface, So what I am going to do is give a run down of whats happened so far through my eyes because well this is my blog and well its my blog what else would I post about right.

I can’t say I am entirely sure why everybody is pissy about the big E3 press conferences… what do you expect?

They are what they are and the bigger and bigger the games industry becomes the more and more mainstream and douchy and less game focused they will become.

The main cruxt of the E3 experience for gamers is the news and demos that come out of the show floor the next few days…

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So last night I totally had my mind blown!!!

7:35pm – and my PS3 has had the pre-load screen for Journey sitting idle for at least 5 minutes. The theme loops and I stare at the screenshot used waiting until I am totally ready to embark on my Journey.

7:38pm – Still no movement, at this stage you might be wondering what is happening. Well my wife is in the lounge room too at this point. Sorting out some bills and making sure they are paid, on the phone talking to some call centre somewhere. For starters thats not the kind of environment that the gorgeous strings of the Journey theme song call for and secondly my wife doesnt want me starting the game without her full attention.

7:42pm – Finally it is time to take my first step.

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I Am Alive critical reaction = 2012 version of Deadly Premonitions?

Why scores so varied?

I Am Alive was always going to go one way or the other in my opinion but what I did not expect was the rollercoaster of review scores that launched this morning. Things seemed to have leveled out to about where I thought it might end up (Metacritic has it at around 75) but its always interesting when a game can recieve a 10 from one publication and a 4.5 from another. So like the mystery of Deadly Premonition before it, it is something that needs investigating.

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Thatgamecompany doesn’t succumb to peer pressure, no matter how many angry fan boys sent them emails asking for a flower 2 with even prettier imagery and softer music they said no. They will not pander to bullies who want to play with flowers. They want to take us somewhere, but we don’t really know where exactly it is and from all reports I don’t know if they know either.

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Saints Row The Third… I get it but…. MEH…

This game......... is not my kind of game.

I am in the midst of it at the moment, and perhaps its because I am now married and I feel an added sense of responsibility to take care of my home, my wife and our future life. Or maybe its a global financial crisis and an average paying job that covers my bills and petrol and not much else. I all of a sudden find myself back at the local videostore looking to hire games that previously I would of probably purchased on release day because dammit I could. I have to now evaluate which games I wanted to own full time and which I could either knock out quickly or get out of my system quickly enough.

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Game Music of The Week…

Thought I would keep it new release themed this week so yes it is the main theme “Nates Theme” From the Uncharted series.

I specifically mention series here because thats what struck me about this song. Think of all the major Hollywood blockbuster series that we have seen over the decades of cinema. Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Superman, Jaws, Lord of the Rings… they all have one thing in common and overarching theme song that stays true even when the series itself loses its wheels.

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GTAV – Going Going, Back Back To Cali Cali…


No other game conjures up as many questions and as much speculation than a Grand Theft Auto title. Where will it be? When will it be set? Who will it star? What can we do? Will there be skydiving? Will there be BigFoot(s)? Today’s first trailer answered at least one of these questions but raised so many more in the process.

 If you haven’t seen it yet well here you go…

Pants crappingly exciting isnt it???

Everybody else is having there say, so I wanted to throw my 2 cents worth of speculation into the proverbial hat.

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